Who We Are

Wicaksono & Partners (“W&P“) is a Corporate Law Firm with the concept of Modern Small Law Firm.  We are aggressive, have a high level of legal knowledge, skills and experience in the legal services, offering creative solutions based on needs and orientation of Clients business purposes and our commitment to serve clients with integrity, excellence service, and effective problem solving.

What We Do

W&P provide various legal services for the Client’s interest in conducting its business in Indonesia. W&P experienced in dealing with the startup companies, small & medium-upward enterprises, also it is possible to establish arrangements with the major companies. 

W&P aware that our Client as a business entity knows more its business risks, therefore W&P is committed to assist our Client to measure and minimize the legal risks of its business activities. 

W&P will provide legal analysis pursuant to the interest of Client’s business activities, including legal due dilligence, legal opinion and legal advice, drafting and reviewing agreements, assisting our Client in the negotiation with its business partners, in accordance with the applicable provisions and regulations.

W&P also actively writing about Indonesia legal insights on blogs, as well as other media and create creative video related to Indonesian legal insights through social media channels.

Fee Structures

W&P aware that the Client’s cash flow is critical, in order to support the Client’s business activities and to avoid disrupting the Clients’s cash flow, W&P offers the following pricing structures :

  • Retainer Base (Payment With Monthly Salary System)

This arrangement could be implemented by and between W&P with the Client under an Agreement. Whereby, the legal services provided by W&P will be adjusted with the business purpose and interest of the Client. With this pricing structure, the payment shall be made monthly within a certain time limit with the amounts pursuant to the agreement between the Client and W&P. Such pricing structure does not include excess time in a given periods, W&P team operational cost in the event of an out-of-town assignment, transportation, accomodation and success fee.

  • Project Base (Payment With Lump Sum)

In principle, the implementation of  this arrangement is based on specific projects and time limits. the pricing charged in this arrangement shall be made per term of payment based on the consenct and approval made by and between the Clients and W&P. Such pricing structure does not include excess time in a given periods, W&P team operational cost in the event of an out-of-town assignment, transportation, accommodation and success fee.

To find out more information about W&P please download Our Profile down below, for inquiry you may reach us on +62-813-1153-8055 or mail us on info@wnplawyers.com or by using the contact form.